Contact Us

Hello! You’re probably here because you want to talk; there are a couple of ways to get in touch with us.

By Land

We really love email. The volume of email we get is somewhere between Barack Obama and Santa Claus, however we still do our best to reply to each and every email sent to us. Realistically you’ll either get a reply right away or in a couple of weeks.

All that said, use the following emails to fill your needs.

Advertising/ Info/ Rates : [[email protected]]

Write for us : [[email protected]]

Subscriptions : [[email protected]]

For general comments / feedback / chit chat, please contact us at[email protected]!

By Sea / Cargo

Another popular method to get in touch withInkis through post mail. We hate Desi Daak (letter)too, but their postage system is so far reliable just inside the country. If your precious letter full of love got lost during this awesome mailing process then except for saying sorry we basically can’t say anything else.

Our mailing address is :

Fariha Rashed

151 Ferozepur Road,
Lahore, Pakistan.


Mushfiq Murshed

House 16, Street 15, F-6/3,
Islamabad, Pakistan.

By Air

For urgent matters, our phone is probably the best. The number is (+92) – 042-3756-9485.

Other forms of communication, including psychic signals and carrier pigeons seem to be less reliable, so stick to the above methods just to be safe.